My collection(?)

This is my collection of Rhythm Heaven stuff! Well, not quite. Most physical Rhythm Heaven stuff is very rare and/or very expensive, so I can't get my hands on anything official. So this collection is for anything physical (but not always) I own relating to Rhythm Heaven, whether it's stuff made by other fans or stuff made by yours truly! As of writing this, it's a very small collection, so dont expect much from this lol.

My homemade Pop Singer keychain! I made the design myself. I would've bought this from vograce or something but I hate spending money -3-. Though, it's not really a keychain lmao.

My Pop Singer poster. Yes, I did just print out the official LINE wallpaper and edited out the text and printed it out. Don't judge me! My wall is embarassingly barren, but I want to change that!

Alright! Got a new charger so I can show you all my Rhythm Heaven badges from Nintendo Badge Arcade! I'm only at 27% right now, but I'm aiming to get all of them before the arcade shuts down this year! wish me luck! (click the images for better quality!)

my own cosmic girl clay figurine! she's the second one i've made and im quite proud of her! i think her suspious side eye is funny.